Our you looking for Mediterranean Cruises? The Mediterranean has been the lifeblood and playground for some of the world’s principle civilizations for thousands of years. One great way to explore the sea’s fascinating past and opulent present is with a Mediterranean cruise. The Mediterranean is a feast for the senses and is rewarding in so many ways - visually, culturally, educationally, architecturally, historically, as well as being a culinary delight.

Oceans of choice: Eastern Mediterranean & Western Mediterranean cruises
The Mediterranean is loosely divided into two cruising areas. Eastern Mediterranean Cruises include countries east of Italy, such as Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Turkey Greece and the stunning Greek Islands. The Western Mediterranean Cruises typically include Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo, Rome, Florence, The Amalfi Coast, Barcelona, Lisbon, Mallorca and the glamorous French and Italian Rivieras featuring beautiful beaches and lots of sun.

Why not extend your stay and make the most of your cruise holiday? We will be delighted to advise you on the many options available for pre or post cruise stays in locations all over Europe and the Mediterranean. Book one of our Mediterranean Cruises with e-travel and you will receive the latest offers on all our Mediterranean Cruise 2019 packages.

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