8 Hidden San Francisco Gems Worth Visiting

The hilly chilly city is well known for its infamous and iconic attractions, yet there are so many hidden sights that remain unnoticed by the millions of tourists who visit San Francisco every year. This blog will shortlist the top eight off the beaten track but must-see San Francisco gems. You should immediately add to your travel itinerary.

 1.     INA Culbreth Park

To access spectacular views of downtown San Francisco, visit Ina Coolbrith Park, a hidden gem on Russian Hill. Featuring many mesmerising benches to relax, take in the breathtakingly beautiful views and to unwind in the surrounding nature. You can also climb the nearby steps that give you a great vantage point of the city. San Francisco’s modern structures seem so close when overlooking the skyline, the view is especially stunning just before sunset. 

2.     Fort Point National Historic Site

Get an alternative view of the architectural marvel that is The Golden Gate Bridge, make your way to Fort Point National Historic site to get right underneath the incredible bridge. This different perspective offers those who find it the opportunity to take unique photos with an altered and uncommon view of the city’s most striking structure. What most people don’t know is that Fort National Historic Site has over two centuries of history and is regarded as an important historic site, as it was built in the Civil War era. Whilst visiting Fort Point National Historic Site, make sure to view the series of exhibits based on the military history of SF. A worthy addition to your travel itinerary.

3.     Camera Obscura

Situated right behind the popular Cliff House, another hidden gem known as Camera Obscura is located. A must see when visiting San Francisco, essentially, it’s a large pinhole camera, which you can go inside to see the projections and holograms. Camera Obscura is a fun and unique addition to your list of things to do in San Francisco. A short trek from Lands End, its worth the effort for the views alone. 

4.     Three Gems Skyscape

Apart of the Deyoung Museum, a permanent piece in the DeYoung’s Osher Sculpture Garden. Designed by the artist James Turell, famous for his contemporary work with light, the Three Gems Skyscape was specifically designed for a grass-covered hill, the installation is a gift of Bernard and Barbro Osher. The skyscape features a view of the sky altered by LED ighting effects, which highlight changing light and weather conditions outside. Visitors walk through a short tunnel cut into the hill, and then enter a cylindrical space. Upon entering, viewers sit on a stone bench that runs around the chamber as they view the sky through an oculus in the chamber roof. Unlike any other SF attraction, Three Gems Skyscape is a must visit when spending time in the city.


5.     Jack Kerouac Alley

A recently revitalised alleyway is fill of decorative streetlights and plaques with both Chinese poetry and western contemporary literature. The pedestrian alleyway connects Grant Avenue in Chinatown to Columbus Avenue in North Beach. Named after a famous beat generation writer who had spent time in the pub and the nearby bookshop. Make sure to walk down the alleyway towards Chinatown and view the Zodiac Wall, another must see hidden gem in San Francisco.

6.     Marshall’s Beach the Parrots of Telegraph Hill and the Filbert Stairs

If you’re planning to visit Coit Tower, take the Filbert Street steps as they offer some of the most scenic views in all the area. Visitors can also observe the amazing views of the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island, a secret place in San Francisco you won’t want to miss. The Filbert Street steps are located at the corner of Sansome and Filbert, you won’t miss them. on your way up the wooden steps, don’t miss Napier Lane, a pavement lined with pre-1900 cottage like homes.

7.     Land’s End Labrinth

The San Francisco artist Eduardo Aguilera’s labyrinth at Lands End, based at the rocky shoreline at the moth of the Golden Gate. It’s one of the most mesmerizing hidden sights with stunning views it’s not a sight you want to miss. Offering extraordinary vistas of the Marin Headlands and the Pacific beyond and the city’s most impressive architectural feat, The Golden Gate Bridge. You should be careful as the trails that lead to the Land’s End Labrinth are unmaintained and tend to be windy and slippery.

8.     Kabuki Springs and spa

A relaxing hideaway from the hectic city, the Kabuki Springs and spa is a Japanese style bathhouse, featuring a sauna, a steam room, a warm pool, a cool plunge and so much more. If you’re in need of a relaxing day at the spa, Kauki Springs and Spa is just the anecdote for those tired feet.



Every tourist is sure to find an attraction that will pique their interest, from Jack Kerouac alley to the Three Gems skyscape by James Turrell, San Francisco has something for everyone. If you’re considering a trip to the USA, make sure to add San Francisco to the top of the list. To book now, visit or call 01 4081999.