Australia's Top Natural Attractions

Enhance your next trip to Australia with these wonderfully captivating natural attractions

A country renowned for its stretches of white sand beaches and vast red deserts, Australia exceeds expectations when it comes to biodiversity. Australia hosts a wide range of spectacular natural wonders that could stop even the most well-travelled tourist in their tracks. We’ve comprised a list of Australia’s top natural attractions, to consider adding to your Aussie travel itinerary.

1.     The Great Ocean Road

Visit the famously scenic drive of The Great Ocean Road situated in Melbourne, stretching 413 miles its rugged beauty and unparalleled vistas delivers an unforgettable experience for every visitor. While on your journey, view the soaring limestone pillars of the 12 Apostles by stopping at Teddy’s Lookout to witness the stunning famous columns. Take a Canoe on Lake Elizabeth and you may encounter Australia’s most elusive animals the platypus. Learn to surf with guidance from a local expert in the surfing capital Torquay. The Great Ocean Road is an incredibly picturesque road trip unlike no other featuring many immersive activities for visitors to experience.

2.     Litchfield National Park

Fill of spectacular waterfalls, verdant rainforests and pristine swimming pools, Litchfield National Park welcomes its visitors to relax and take in the rugged landscapes of the local favourite park. Observe the park’s magnificence via a helicopter tour, a self-guided tour or an experienced guided bus tour taking you through all the must-see areas of the national park. Situated only 90 minutes from Darwin, the park hosts many hiking trails, featuring stunning waterfalls, serene creeks, that many visitors like to swim in. Observe the incredible views of the burnt red dramatic Tolmer Falls from the viewing platforms providing a perfect photo opportunity to remember the moment by.

3.     The Great Barrier Reef

Located off the coast of Queensland, The Great Barrier Reef is considered one of the seven wonders of the natural world. With turquoise hued waters and the vast range of diverse marine life, the reef is unparalleled and exists as a World Heritage Site that stretches for 2,300 km. It’s no surprise The Great Barrier Reef features in so many travellers’ bucket lists as it provides an unrivalled experience for those who visit.

To witness the magnificence of The Great Barrier Reef, travellers can take a day trip to various sectors of the reef such as Vlasoff Cay, Heart Reef and many more. Day trips often begin with a helicopter trip offering ariel views of the reef’s extraordinary coastline, pilots then land at a sandy islet or on water at a nearby coral lagoon for passengers to disembark and experience the reef’s coral masterpiece for themselves.

4.     The Three Sisters

Situated two hours outside of Sydney, lays the incredible sandstone peaks known as The Three Sisters. The unusual rock formation has weathered thousands of years, sitting more than 900m above sea level at Echo Point. Millions pay a visit every year to the iconic attraction surrounded by the majestic Blue Mountains, hosting incredible jaw dropping vistas, good enough to earn a World Heritage badge. Visit the many vantage points at Echo Point, giving visitors an opportunity to view the vast mountainous landscape of the Blue Mountains and the Three Sisters rock formations.

5.     The Fairy Pools

If swimming in a calmer setting is much more appealing to you than a regular beach, then the natural rock pools known as Fairy Pools are for you. Located on the coast of Noosa National Park, the Fairy Pools gives visitors the opportunity to relax and swim as ocean waves wash into the rock pools. The fear of being swept out by powerful waves is no longer creating a much more relaxing experience for those who visit. A popular activity by backpackers and Australia’s natives, the natural rock pools are a one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed.

6.     The Bay of Fires

Renowned for being home to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and rugged burnt orange lichen growing on the granite boulders, the Bay of Fires is an extraordinary destination. With a coastline stretching 50kms, the dramatic landscape is truly incredible and worth taking your time with to absorb the beautiful view. Located on the north-eastern coast of Tasmania, The Bay of Fire is home to a range of local wildlife including birds, wallabies, and possums who reside in the area. If you want to have a swim, visit one of the many hidden crystal-clear water rock pools scattered around the Bay of Fires.

7.     Lake Hillier

A spectacular sight to see the bubble-gum pink hued Lake Hillier located on the Middle Island off the coast of Western Australia. The lake is small but very striking when viewed from above as the lake lays near the Pacific blue Ocean offering a divine contrast of colours. First discovered in 1802 by explorer Matthew Finders, the lake is safe to swim in for visitors and is in pristine wilderness surrounded by dense woodland. To get the best possible view of Lake Hillier a helicopter tour will let you see the strange natural phenomenon in all its beauty.

8.     Kakadu National Park

Known as Australia’s biggest national park, Kakadu is home to lush rainforest, marvellous rock formations and towering waterfalls creating a wonderous natural masterpiece. Experience the majestic landscape of Kakadu during a stunning sunset cruise on the serene waters. Hike the rugged sandstone cliffs and observe the vast floodplains, and misty waterfalls that encompass the diverse Kakadu National Park. Take a guided outback safari tour and be informed on the park’s connection to Aboriginal culture and its traditional owners the Bininj / Mungguy people.

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